Conférence du Centre de théorie et analyse du droit

Le lundi 13 décembre 2010 de 17h30 à 19h30 :

Véronica RODRIGUEZ-BLANCO, Professeur à l’Université de Birmingham,

« Legal Rules in the Guise of the Good »

In 1958, G.E.M. Anscombe wrote it is not profitable for us at present to do moral philosophy; that should be laid aside at any rate until we have an adequate philosophy of psychology, in which we are conspicuously lacking.1 Paraphrasing Anscombe, it is not profitable for us at present to do legal philosophy until we have an adequate understanding of the relationships between key jurisprudential concepts and philosophy of psychology, including under this rubric philosophy of action. The paper aims to contribute to this task. It scrutinises the relationships between the notions of intentional action’ , practical reason’, control guidance’ and legal rulefollowing actions’, and tries to shed light on the normative and authoritative character of legal rules.