The Theory and Practice of Legislation 

Volume 1, Number 1, June 2013

Realist Conceptions of Legislation

 The Theory and Practice of Legislation aims to offer an international and interdisciplinary forum for the examination of legislation. The focus of the journal, which succeeds the former title Legisprudence, remains with legislation in its broadest sense. The journal offers a combination of themed issues and general issues. All articles are submitted to double blind review.

Le premier numéro de Theory and Practice of Legislation, qui succède à la revue Legisprudence, est consacré aux conceptions réalistes de la législation (Realist Conceptions of Legislation). Il est coordonné par Pierre Brunet, Eric Millard et Patricia Mindus

pp. 1-5(5)
Author: Brunet, Pierre

Axel Hägerström on Law-Making
pp. 7-32(26)
Author: Mindus, Patricia

Vilhelm Lundstedt and the Social Function of Legislation
pp. 33-57(25)
Author: Arvind, T.T.

Karl Olivecrona on Legislation
pp. 59-76(18)
Author: Spaak, Torben

Alf Ross and Realist Conceptions of Legislation
pp. 77-89(13)
Author: Millard, Eric

Cross Purposes and Unintended Consequences: Karl Llewellyn, Article 2 and the Limits of Social Transformation
pp. 91-111(21)
Author: Kie Hart, Danielle

Felix Cohen on Legislation
pp. 113-128(16)
Author: Green, Michael S.

The New Legal Realism and Statutory Interpretation
pp. 129-148(20)
Author: Cross, Frank B.

Some Realism for Hard Cases
pp. 149-171(23)
Authors: Núñez Vaquero, Aacute;lvaro

Some Realism About Legislation
pp. 173-186(14)
Author: Chiassoni, Pierluigi

Lawmaking for Legal Realists
pp. 187-204(18)
Author: Dagan, Hanoch